Work With Me

What About You?

  • Are you done being tired of struggling and fighting to keep up pretenses that you’re happy with the business and life you’ve built?
  • Are you done searching for all the business tactics, hacks and solutions when you really know the answer lies with you?
  • Are you ready for the business and life you’ve always wanted?

If you’re not ready to make a commitment to create the business – and life — you’ve always wanted, bookmark this page and just hang tight for a few months. If your struggle is bad enough, it won’t take long before you develop that level of commitment. Pain is a great motivator of change. You’re always welcome to come back here and apply to work with me. Just know that I only take on 2 new clients a month. I may or may not be able to work with you when you really need me.

I’m pleased to see you’ve decided to have the business – and the life — you’ve always wanted. I can only tell you how rewarding it is. It’s now your turn to start experiencing it.

Here’s How You Can Work With Me:

1-on-1 Consulting

Here’s how the process works.

Before we start to work together, we’ll have a call to see if we’re a good fit to work with each other. I’m committed to my clients and helping them achieve the results they want.

I am 100% committed to working with you.

I refuse to work with people who make excuses, blame others, procrastinate, question my authority or are looking for me to motivate them to do the work. If you see yourself in this list of attributes, you and I simply will not work together.

On the other hand, if you are open-minded, willing to listen, self-motivated, able to look at yourself and your situation honestly, dedicate yourself to making the changes and be able to take praise, then you and I might be a good fit.

I only take on 2 new clients per month because I give my clients my best. I know what it’s like to work with excellent coaches who have taught me, by example, of offering only the best. I wouldn’t want to let them, myself or you down by not being my best for you.

I work in 6 week, 4-month and 12-month blocks. During that time, we’ll strategize, implement and optimize so you’ll be well on your way to getting that business you’ve always wanted much quicker than you ever imagined.

Working with me 1-on-1 is expensive — because I GET RESULTS.

I Offer 3 Packages:

6 weeks for $8,500 (“Get Me Started” Package).

  • This package will identify your ideal customers and HIGHLIGHTS the gap between them and your current customers.


4 months for $20,000 (“Accelerate Me Quickly” Package)

  • This package takes the “Get me started” package and adds on how to IMPLEMENT everything you’ve just discovered in all your marketing, including social media, website and paid ads.


12 months for $35,000 (“I Want It All” Package)

  • This package takes the other 2 packages and TWEAKS and OPTIMIZES the system so that it works incredibly efficiently.


Each of these packages requires your commitment to this process. (If you’re anything like me, you probably just felt a knot in your stomach or your hands sweat or thought, “I don’t know if I’m quite ready”. Rest assured, those are normal reactions when being faced with a decision that will change your business and finally give you something you’ve deep down wanted for a long time. If you’ve read this far, you’re likely more ready than you might feel at this moment.)

Just fill out the application. Once it’s received, and it looks like I can help you, then we’ll book a call to talk. During that call, we’ll talk about your where your business is now, where you want your business to be and how I can help get you there. The call is to determine our fit to work together and to give you some clarity.

I look forward to reading over your application.

I look forward to helping you get the business and life you’ve always wanted.