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If you had the business of your dreams and were attracting mostly your ideal customers or clients, you likely wouldn’t have ended up on this page. It’s tough to admit there are things in our business that could be better, maybe even a lot better. But I’m here to let you know your business CAN be a whole lot better. In fact, it can be the business you’ve always dreamed of having.

You’re here because you’re looking for a solution — something to help move your successful business closer to the business you’ve always wanted but haven’t quite yet achieved.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to admit that, while running a successful business, it’s still not the business I’d envisioned. More than once, I’ve had to sit with myself and be honest about what I wanted and how different it was from reality. It was tough to look honestly and say to myself, “This isn’t quite what I had in mind”.

The thing was, I had gotten off course in such subtle ways – in the beginning it was taking on pretty much any client, because I had to grow my business. I knew when I was onboarding them that maybe they weren’t the right fit, but I needed them in order to make my business a success. Many times, I took on less-than-ideal clients because I needed the money. We all make different decisions in the early days of our business, secretly resolving that once our business starts becoming successful, we’ll make the changes then.

But we often don’t. Perhaps it’s because you’ve become caught up in the day-to-day operations and think that maybe changing a process or offering a new product or service will somehow “fix” the business you have into the one you’ve always wanted. Maybe it’s because you’re overwhelmed and frustrated and have no idea why things “aren’t working” despite the changes you’ve made. And, maybe, it’s because you’re too afraid to look honestly at what you’ve built, for you know the scale of the changes you would have to make in order to get that business of your dreams. And you just don’t know where – or even if – you want to start.


I understand.
I’ve been there.

I remember sitting down and feeling overwhelmed, scared and uncertain when I looked at my business and had to decide if I was ready to really dig deep and build the business I really wanted. I was tired of struggling in silence. I was tired of pretending that I really was happy. I was afraid of what other’s might think of me, including my friends, family and my team. I was tired of looking at all the metrics and trying to find solutions there. I was tired of reading blogs, watching videos, and talking with my coach about strategies that I knew were just band-aid solutions.

I was just tired by it all.

I KNEW it was time to make a big change and commit — 100% to making the necessary changes to my business so I could finally have the business (and really, the life) I wanted. But the fear and my ego held me back for a long time.


Until the day I couldn’t take it anymore.

That day I realized that if I didn’t do something different and drastic right away, my business was doomed to fail.

Immediately,  I stopped caring what others might think of me if I asked for help. I didn’t care that I needed to pivot and what that might look like (and whether I had the guts to go along with it). I stopped searching for solutions everywhere outside of myself. I realized the answers all laid with me. I had to decide.

And so, I decided to go for it despite the huge knot in my stomach and a thousand fears running through my mind. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But, I was sure I no longer could live with a business that I didn’t really want.

Once I got over the fear of actually committing to my decision to change, I had zero regrets.

What I discovered was I was lacking a system to help me identify and attract my ideal customers and clients.

I was ok at attracting my ideal customers and clients, but knew deep down I could do so much better. And that was the reason why my business wasn’t growing into the one I’d always dreamed of having.

After a discussion with a former colleague of mine, I realized the answer was in front of me. It was a simple 3-step system:

The 3-step system

  1.  Use my current customers to gather information
  2.  Find the nuggets of marketing gold in the data I gathered
  3.  Reflect what I discovered back in my marketing to attract other ideal customers

As time went on, I refined this system getting better and better results each time, getting me closer to the business and life I’d always dreamed of having.

What I discovered was this system gave me confidence in making the hard decisions around which content to produce, which services and products to offer and where to market. I didn’t need to look everywhere for an answer — I had it right in front of me in the customers and clients I already had.

That’s What I Offer You! – systems that identify and attract your ideal customers or clients so you then leverage what you learn to get amazing results. You will have confidence that you’re finally headed on the right path to have the business — and the life — you want.

This is what my business and life look like today:


I look forward to speaking and working with my clients and customers. My passion for my business has returned. I feel energized.

The biggest change is in my confidence. I am now confident in my decisions around my content, products and services because my customers and clients have told me exactly what they want and what they don’t. I am confident in the direction my business is heading. I no longer fear veering off the path into a wrong decision because I’m not sure.

I’m creative again. Ideas are just coming, which means that I can better help my customers and clients with new products and services and I have absolute confidence that I’m making the right decisions in offering these to my current customers and clients as well as to prospective ones. I no longer fear that people won’t buy what I’m offering.

And the best part? These systems have allowed me to finally have the life I want. I get to build my life the way I want because I now have confidence in the decisions I’m making in my business. This means being fully present with my family when I’m with them and no longer having to question or doubt a decision I have to make. I now have a system which gives me the confidence I need to make the right decisions.


I have both the business and the life I want.

What About You?

  • Are you done struggling and fighting to keep up pretenses that you’re happy with the business and life you’ve built?
  • Are you done searching for business tactics, hacks and solutions? 
  • Are you ready to confidently build the business and life you’ve always wanted?

If you’re not ready to make a commitment to create the business – and life — you’ve always wanted, bookmark this page and just hang tight for a few months. If your struggle is bad enough, it won’t take long before you develop that level of commitment. Pain is a great motivator of change. You’re always welcome to come back here and apply to work with me. Just know that I only take on 2 new clients a month. I may or may not be able to work with you when you really need me.

I’m pleased to see you’ve decided to confidently build the business – and the life — you’ve always wanted. I can only tell you how rewarding it is. It’s now your turn to start experiencing it.


Here’s How You Can Work With Me:

1-on-1 Consulting

Here’s how the process works.

Before we start to work together, we’ll have a call to see if we’re a good fit to work with each other. I’m committed to my clients and helping them achieve the results they want.

I am 100% committed to working with you.

I refuse to work with people who make excuses, blame others, procrastinate, question my authority or are looking for me to motivate them to do the work. If you see yourself in this list of attributes, you and I simply will not work together.

On the other hand, if you are open-minded, willing to listen, self-motivated, able to look at yourself and your situation honestly, dedicate yourself to making the changes and be able to take praise, then you and I might be a good fit.

I only take on 2 new clients per month because I give my clients my best. I know what it’s like to work with excellent coaches who have taught me, by example, of offering only the best. I wouldn’t want to let them, myself or you down by not being my best for you.

I work in 6 week, 4-month and 12-month blocks. During that time, we’ll strategize, implement and optimize so you’ll be well on your way to getting that business you’ve always wanted much quicker than you ever imagined.

Working with me 1-on-1 is expensive –– because I GET RESULTS.

I Offer 3 Packages:

Get Me Started

This package will identify your ideal customers and HIGHLIGHTS the gap between them and your current customers.

You’ll gain some confidence in your decisions with this package.

6 weeks for $8,500


Accelerate Me Quickly

This package takes the “Get Me Started” package and adds on how to IMPLEMENT everything you’ve just discovered in all your marketing, including social media, website and paid ads.

You will gain a lot of confidence in your decisions with this package.

4 months for $20,000


I Want It All

This package takes the other 2 packages and TWEAKS and OPTIMIZES the system so that it works incredibly efficiently.

You will gain the most confidence in your decisions with this package.

12 months for $35,000


Each of these packages requires your commitment to this process. (If you’re anything like me, you probably just felt a knot in your stomach or your hands sweat or thought, “I don’t know if I’m quite ready”. Rest assured, those are normal reactions when being faced with a decision that will give you the business and life you’ve always wanted. If you’ve read this far, you’re more ready to commit than you might feel at this moment.)

Please fill out the application and submit it.

Once it’s received, and it looks like I can help you, then we’ll book a call to talk.

During that call, we’ll talk about your where your business is now, where you want your business to be and how I can help get you there.

The call is to determine our fit to work together and to give you some clarity.

I look forward to reading over your application.

I look forward to helping you get the business and life you’ve always wanted.