3 Steps for More Ideal Customers


Your customers are literally the heart of your business. Without them, you don't have a business.

They also hold a wealth of information, they will gladly offer you. Use this "gold" to attract other customers to your business.

Here's how in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 




You want to get to know all about your customers, at the deepest level you can.


The best place to start is to 

ASK your customers about their current challenges --



What are they struggling with the most, right now? 

What is your current greatest challenge with attracting your ideal customers? 


 What is the biggest obstacle stopping you from getting clients?


If there was one thing you could instantly solve around marketing, what would it be?


  1. Ask one question at a time
    You want to encourage them to answer and not feel overwhelmed. 

  2. Create a series of questions that follow one another like an in-person conversation. 

    Drip these out in a regular interval like every week or two weeks or once a month. Just send one question at a time.

  3. Offer something as an incentive to participate and as a way to say thanks --

    Good ideas are a download or checklist or even a special video made just for them.

    Whatever you choose, make sure it's something of value to them.


Remember, these are your customers and they are invaluable to your business. Make them feel appreciated.

Give them your best! 👍

Step 2




MINE the responses -- 

If all has gone well with the questions you've asked, you will have a lot of responses. This is great!

 It might feel a bit overwhelming look at all of them.

 Here's what you do to help make some sense:

  1. Put all the responses in a spreadsheet.
  2. Look for patterns. Are you seeing the same sort of things mentioned over and over again?
  3. Group these similar responses together so you can look more closely at what's being said.
  4. Look for unique phrases or words and put these in a separate column.


I asked my customers about their current biggest challenge attracting their ideal customers.

Here's the top 3 issues that kept coming up in their responses:

  • being found by their ideal customers on social media
  • reliably finding more of their ideal customers
  • identifying who their ideal customers were


  1. Group the common responses into 6-8 categories. Then see if you can put them together so you have 3-4 big groups.
  2. If you have a lot of responses, tackle a certain number every day. There's such gold in these answers that you don't want to miss any!
  3. Take it slow. This is likely a new skill for you. Be patient.

Keep track of which angles work the best in terms of engagement, social sharing and sales. 

Then use those same angles with the other top 3 issues and see the types of responses you get.

Step 3




SHOWCASE the answers from Step 2 -- 

This is where you want to take all you've learned and put it back into your marketing.

Prospective customers will see their problems or challenges in your marketing. They will self-identify with whatever issue your marketing is addressing.

This is so powerful!

No need to tell them they have the problem, they'll see themselves in your marketing materials and figure it out on their own. They see you understand their problem and seek your business out as the solution.

Just think how you feel when someone tells you that you have a problem versus when you figure it out on your own.

Now you see why you want to use the responses from your customers in your marketing -- those responses do the heavy lifting of customer attraction for you.

  1. Pick the top 3 responses you received and create marketing around them
  2. Create social media posts, Facebook Lives, webinars, downloads, checklists, videos . . . you name it.
  3. Try variations on the top 3 responses to find out which resonate best with prospective new customers. (In other words -- test, test, test!)


Given these are current struggles your customers just told you they have, they and other prospective customers -- just like them -- are more likely to engage with the content.


  1. Use the unique phrases you found in the responses in your marketing.
  2. Create sales funnels around these top 3 responses. They can lead to the same product or service or even different products or services.
  3. Test different variations of the top 3 issues your customers struggle with.

    Try marketing "hooks" or different angles for each of these top 3 issues like:

    a) how different their life or business would be if they solved that issue

    b) the different ways they could solve this problem

    c) provide a case study of yourself, a customer of yours or even of a famous person who also solved this issue

    d) what could/might happen if they don't solve this issue

    e) other possible side benefits that may result from solving this issue (other things that might be resolved in their business or life once this issue is solved)

Keep track of the engagements, social shares, open rates and sales from each of these variations. Then try the winning angle with the other top 2 issues and see how well they perform.

This system works.


It uses your most valuable resource -- your current customers -- and leverages all they have to attract other customers.

The best part is, your customers are great people! You will be surprised at how giving and generous they are with their answers IF you offer something valuable to them and let them know you truly appreciate the time they took to help you.

The secret ingredients to this 3 step system's success are:


Approach with a genuine curiosity to their issues. Put aside what you *think* you know about them and instead embrace what you *will* learn about them. This simple shift in approach will yield amazing results.

And do all of this with a spirit of giving back.

Let your customers know in your follow-up sequences how your other customers answered.

Share the results freely.

After all, curiosity as to how others answered is an amazing way to help your customers see they're not alone. 

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