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Want more of your ideal customers?

You know you want them.

You know you can get them. But you’re not exactly sure how.

That’s what Customer Attraction College is here for -- To help you discover who your ideal customers are, where to find them and then how to find more of them so you can build the business you’ve always dreamed of having.

You have all the answers to attract them, right now.

You already know who your ideal customers are. Think of your favorite customers right now.

What is it about them you like? 
Is it their energy? 
Their enthusiasm? 
They pay on time? 

Are you feeling good thinking about them? Do you feel an extra bit of energy or enthusiasm? (Feels good, doesn’t it?)

Think of how different your business would be if you could attract more people like them.

You would have more time, more energy, more enthusiasm, get more accomplished and just feel better overall.

Ideal customer interactions is really at the heart of why your business is worth all the effort you put into it.

You’re sitting on a goldmine right now, but you likely don’t know it.

This is exciting – this is your own private goldmine. No one else will ever have access to all the gold in this mine. It’s exclusively yours. And you hold the key to accessing it.

Know what it is?

It’s your existing customers. They have all the answers you need so you can attract other customers, just like them!

All you need to do is learn how to ask the right questions and mine all that gold.

You already have everything to attract your ideal customers.

You have all the assets you need to attract your ideal customers – your social media, website and ads. Use them to attract your ideal customers and repel those who aren’t.

This may appear simple, because it is!

It’s one of the 3 steps you’ll learn in Customer Attraction College.

But first . . .

You'll no longer

Worry or hope that you can attract more of your ideal customers

Question or wonder whether your social media and marketing is working

Have doubts if your business is headed in the wrong direction or if you're doing the wrong thing

Instead you'll get

High confidence that your marketing works well

A proven system that reliably attracts ideal customers

High confidence your business is on the right track 

How you'll move toward these

Attract your ideal customers with the Customer Attraction Foundations


This course teaches you the 3-step Ideal Customer Attraction System to attract your ideal customers : 

1) ASK -- Ask your current customers about their challenges

2) MINE -- Analyze their responses for themes and unique phrases

3) SHOWCASE -- Take the gold you've found in step 2 & showcase it in your marketing (social media, website, ads)

This is the easiest way to attract your ideal customers – with marketing that feels good to you and to them.

Liberate yourself from slimy, salesy or inauthentic marketing to get customers. Your days of slick marketing tricks and tactics--that make both you and your ideal customers feel bad--are over!

You’ll learn how in the Customer Attraction Foundations course.

BONUS materials! Not only will your learn the 3-step Ideal Customer Attraction System, you'll also go deep into discovering the challenges, goals, feelings and wants of your ideal customers. You'll also learn where to find them and how to position your business as THE solution.

AND . . . you'll learn the 5 Elements of Successful Ads. Every successful ads campaign contains these elements. Use them and you'll have more successful ads too.

Live, weekly calls to dive deeply into the Ideal Customer Attraction System


You’ll know exactly how to implement them for your business.

These live calls are about providing solutions like --

  • being more visible online so your posts get more likes, comments and shares
  • positioning your business as a leader in your niche
  • creating a reliable process to continuously attract your ideal customers
  • building strong relationships with your customers so they stay with you even longer

We cover these and more, all so you can attract your ideal customers and build the business of your dreams faster.

Support through a community


Have a burning question that you want answered right away?

Want to get the opinion of others?

Looking for others who are also learning how to attract their ideal customers?

You're covered!

7 days a week, you can pop into the community and ask your questions to get the help you need.

Know the answer to a question or discovered a solution you'd like to share? The community is the perfect place to do this. Build your confidence in your abilities by sharing what you've learned.

Increasing your confidence by getting the support of others is invaluable.

The community is here for you!

"Anita is passionate about teaching customer attraction, she is very authentic and has a heart-centered approach to people. I highly recommend joining Customer Attraction College if you are looking to take your business to the next level."

Alexi Livshitz
Online Marketing Enthusiast

"Anita practices authentic marketing and building deeper connections with her audience. I love that Anita is bringing focus to the need for authenticity and congruence in the marketing space."

Nilu Kamiss
NKamiss Consulting

"Anita is friendly and personable and creates a comfortable atmosphere of learning and growth. It's never about "I'm telling you what you should do." It's all about "let's talk about the best way to help your clients and grow your business."

Andrea Rozman
Your Gal Friday


Customer Attraction College is the best place ONLINE to learn how to attract your ideal customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 main sections to the course, comprised of smaller lessons.

You go at your own pace and implement whenever you're ready.

The ideas in the Customer Attraction Foundations course are the building blocks for the live calls.

You're free to join the live calls at any time, even if you haven't finished (or even started!) the course yet.


No. There are no assignments or test.

The course has only 1 download which you fill out when you're ready.

It's self-paced. You can come back to it at any time and pick up where you left off.

Yes they are!

Every call will be available in the member's area with a link that you can click to watch when you're ready.

The live calls have 2 sections:

  1. learning
  2. discussion/Q & A

By far, the biggest part will be second -- discussion/Q & A. While formal learning is great, it really is in the discussions that new perspectives can be found or new ideas introduced.

The calls are structured to encourage people to discuss their points of view and to share what's worked for them.

Each week we'll discuss issues for which members are seeking answers. The week before, you have the chance to submit an issue that you want discussed on the live call. (No worries! We'll make it anonymous.)

We're all about getting you answers; and a great discussion provides that opportunity.

The live calls are every Wednesday.

1:00 - 1:40 pm
(Toronto/New York time)

The first 5 minutes will be introducing the topic/issue while the remaining time will be allotted to discussion/Q & A.

Yes it is.

Every week, an email will go out asking for members to submit an issue they're currently experiencing. On the next live call, we'll be sharing some of those issues and offering answers for them.

(We'll keep the issues anonymous -- no names or specifics.)

Plus, at least once a month, we'll have a live call at another time, just for those who can't make the usual call.

The Community group is accessible once you login to your Library on the site.

It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can post questions and answer what others have posted too.

The group will be used for announcements so you know what's going on and when it's happening.

The Community is a great place to make connections, learn even more about attracting your ideal customers and share the knowledge you have with others.

Join Customer Attraction College

And discover exactly how to attract your ideal customers now.


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