Feel something’s missing in your business– that one thing that will take it from where it is now to being the dream business you’ve always wanted?

That one thing is right here.

And . . . you've already got it.



You’ve got it right now. Your business is successful. But there’s this nagging feeling that it could be SO much more successful.

You’ve tried all sorts of tactics, funnels, products and yet the results aren’t what you know they could be. Deep down, YOU JUST KNOW your business can be an even greater success.

And you’re right.

Every single business tactic, method or process has one primary focus – the customer. They’re the central focus of any business. Because, as you know, without them there is no business.


. . . your existing customers are actually the key to business success.

They have all the information you need and want to make absolutely confident decisions around your products, services and marketing.

Unless you're in a dialogue with your customers asking them questions on a weekly basis to tap into this information, it's tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of incredibly powerful data just being wasted.

New customers won't get you the kind of business you've always wanted, but your current customers can.





tweaking your sales funnels. You’ve tried different ads and new offers. And, while they’ve done well, they’ve fallen short of getting you the successful business you've always wanted.

And that’s because they were meant to.



On their own, they're ineffective at getting the level of success you want.


Their focus is on the wrong thing – they’re focusing on prospective customers, not your existing ones.





New customers are great. So are running ads, creating sales funnels and new offers but to really succeed, you need to change your focus ---

Change your focus to your current customers and the wealth of information they have that you're not using. 


What does this mean?

It means stop sending out a one-question survey after they've purchased or spoken with customer service.

It means stop asking "How did we do today?" or "Would you refer us to your friends?"




Because asking one question doesn't give you any significant information that you can actually use.

It's like having one puzzle piece and trying to figure out the entire puzzle based on that one piece.


But there is a way to systematically discover the entire puzzle and your customers are the ones that will help you do just that.


A Case Study For Why This Matters

Long-term clients were leaving their flagship program and they didn't know why.

For 4 years, this program gave enviable results for their clients. But, over time, their new clients weren't able to achieve the same results and they were leaving the program in concerning numbers.

The owners panicked.

They decided to overhaul this flagship program and attempt to get it back to it's old glory.

And so they started.

It took tens of thousands of dollars in staff time, 3 months of dedicated work and 3 months of lost revenue while this program was revamped.

They did it.

But at a MASSIVE COST in both dollars and time.


all of this could have been easily avoided if they had been keeping their focus on their existing clients by asking certain questions at regular intervals about their experience with the program.

Simple questions, asked in a particular order over a specific time and they would have known early on that clients were getting sub-par results and were not happy with the program.

They could have pivoted and made changes AS ISSUES AROSE.

Small, calm, purposeful pivots instead of a panicked-fueled, let's-hope-this-works overhaul.

Listening for small client concerns on which they could act immediately instead of waiting for an avalanche of problems to hit them all at once and push them right off course.

They didn't ask their clients questions over time and it massively cost them.

The thing is, you don't ever have to be broadsided, thrown off course into panic and distress by a mountainous slew of new issues your customers are experiencing because there's a system you can use to avoid it.



You're risking a lot

Asking a few questions of your customers is simply not enough. And 99% of businesses have no clue what questions to ask, how to ask them properly nor when to ask them.

This is why typical survey response rates are a paltry 5% (one little puzzle piece). Not to mention the answers you get from them are very poor quality.

They're answered by people who are a small segment of your customer base. And yet you're likely making critical business decisions based on those responses because it tends to be the only feedback you get besides complaints.

This is incredibly risky!

5% of your entire customer base responding means these people are the extremes -- the disgruntled or the raving fans.

What of the other 95%?

What are they thinking? 

What are their views?

What are their opinions?

How do they really feel about your business?

You don't really know because they never take the time to answer your questions.

95% unknown.

That's a scary statistic to base your business decisions on.

But there is a way to grow that number from 5% all the way up to 50% or higher.

It's 3 simple steps.

Scroll down to discover them.




Ask your current customers very targeted questions, in a certain order at specific times.


Mine their responses to look for patterns and identify critical information.


Create new questions based on the responses from Step 2 to dig deeper and get the real answers you are really wanting.


This system fills in the puzzle so you can see exactly what's going on with your customers

No guessing. No speculating. No wondering.

This system is so effective that 50% or more of your customers will tell you the answers to questions you really want to know.

Using this system means your decisions will be made with absolute confidence as you start basing them on nearly the whole puzzle rather than making decisions based on just one little piece.

Ready to make confident decisions based on the 'whole puzzle'?



You now see why any business that bases its decisions on just one question or anything less than 50% of their customer base is taking a huge risk.

You are well aware that by having a dialogue with your customers continuously rather than occasionally means you can pivot with calm and purpose when new issues arise rather than being broadsided and react with panic and a flurry of lets-hope-this-works activity.

And, you have your own experience -- how often do you fill out surveys? And how deep do you go into the answers?

If you're really wanting the successful business of your dreams, it's time to start making strong, confident decisions by engaging in an ongoing dialogue with your customers that get you real answers to the questions you've always had. 

Are you ready?



I work with people who are serious about their success.

These are coaches, consultants and service-based
business owners who already

have success but are looking to really step into the success
they've always 
known they can achieve.

To work with me,

1) your business must be earning a minimum of $1MM in revenue


2) your customer base is 50 people+

I take my title, The Queen of Customer Attraction (TM),
very seriously.

I expect my clients to be serious about what they do too.




4 months is required


A team or someone to:
send out emails
collect responses
mine the data
report the findings to your marketing team 
**If you want to outsource the data mining, I have a team to do this work at an extra cost.**


(the biggest time commitment is the first 2 meetings) 


$5500 per month (installments)

$5000 per month (lump sum)




It's time to start tapping into the incredibly powerful and wealthy information your customers have, worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars that you are currently leaving to waste.

It's time to make decisions based on the "whole puzzle" rather than just one piece.

It's time to stop guessing, speculating and wondering what your customers are thinking and KNOW FOR CERTAIN because they've told you.

It's time to get as much as 50% or more of your customers giving you the answers to the questions you have about them.

It's time to avoid being broadsided by a massive avalanche of new issues and reacting in panic and a flurry of lets-hope-this-works activity instead of calmly and purposefully pivoting right on the spot as soon as issues arise.

It's time to really build the successful business you've always deep down wanted.

It's time.

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"Anita transformed my ability to create beautiful pictures into my business, Your Social Designer, and then selling them to my audience."

Erica Tironi
Your Social Designer

"Anita is a world class expert of her craft. She's well versed in all the latest methods and, rather than just taking a cookie cutter approach, she works directly with you to figure out the best 'attraction' method in your unique situation."

Joshua Schukman
Social Change Nation

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