All About Anita Toth

I am a business owner, a marketer, an author, a storyteller, a teacher, a consultant and a mentor.

In addition to being called The Queen of Customer AttractionTM, I am also a boundary pusher, thought leader, philosopher, and someone who prefers to tell it like it is.

I worked in research for 14 years at a University where it was evident that I was a square peg in a round hole. Government cuts afforded me the opportunity to take the leap and start an online business for myself. This was my first crack at a business online. I once was part-owner of a custom-printing shoe business that I affectionately refer to as my “$30,000, 4-month practical MBA”. While the business failed miserably, I was in love with owning my own business.

After being laid off in 2016 from the University and having made the decision to have my own business, I threw myself passionately into learning business marketing, digital marketing, copywriting for business, building sales funnels and –my most important skill during that period – Facebook ads. It was this last skill that got me hired by a top Facebook Ads Agency as their Facebook Group’s Community Manager. This job afforded me the opportunity to learn and study the business of high-level internet marketing.


I saw the need, through my own experience and with my Facebook Ad Agency clients, that most businesses didn’t know who their ideal customers or clients are, nor how to find them, AND THEY SUFFER BECAUSE OF THAT.

I got to the point where I was drained from working with my clients and dreaded opening my inbox. I felt tired and no longer passionate about what I was doing.


Until I realized that my problem was in attracting the wrong types of clients. I used my skills in research from my 14 years at the university and learned how to identify and locate my ideal clients.

I provide high-level consulting and workshops to successful businesses which are still attracting too many nightmare or less-than-ideal customers or clients.

My other company, Janiva Digital Marketing, helps businesses learn the art of customer attraction via free and paid courses.

As any business owner knows, having nightmare or less-than-ideal customers or clients can suck the pleasure out of your business. (Yes, this is learned from personal experience!) It’s why both my brand, Anita Toth, and Janiva Digital Marketing are committed to helping businesses attract the customers or clients they really want.