From attracting too many less-than-ideal customers to only working with my ideal ones.

Before Customer Attraction College.
Before Consulting with amazing clients.
Before the 3-step Ideal Customer Attraction System.
There was me. And my suite of demanding, hard-to-please, ready-to-blame-me-for-their-failing-business clients. Oh. And my misery.

While I was “successful” in the sense that I had clients, money coming in and loved what I did, but I didn’t feel “successful”. Because the passion, energy, love for what I did was missing from my business.

Obviously, I could attract clients.

Just the wrong ones.

I scoured the internet trying to find a solution or a program to help me attract MY IDEAL CLIENTS. I came up with a lot of general ideas but no system.

I was driving past the University where I had worked for 14 years in a Research Institute. I thought of the work we did there – a lot of asking questions, mining the results and reporting on the exciting results we’d found.


I could use this same 3-step approach (ask, mine and report) but instead of reporting results, I could showcase those results in my marketing to attract the clients I really wanted.

I felt like a 1000 worries were lifted right off my shoulders.

I had hope again that I could have the type of success I wanted for my business.

And that’s how the 3-step Ideal Customer Attraction System was born.

The Ideal Customer Attraction System

This 3-step system (ASK, MINE and SHOWCASE) is now a finely tuned ideal customer attraction machine. It’s helped nearly every type of coach and consultant, along with many kinds of service-based businesses, achieve their goal of attracting more of their ideal customers.

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