More ideal customers?


Coaches, Consultants &
Service-based businesses 


It's easier than you think! 

Using Question Based Attraction
Marketing, you can confidently
attract the customers
you really want, starting now.

We all have questions we want answers to 


but we often don't know

when to ask, how to ask or even that there's a right order to asking.

There are so many things we want to know about our customers but we're afraid to ask in case we upset them in some way.

Question Based Attraction Marketing removes that fear away and replaces it with confidence.

Not only will your customers tell you what you want to know, they'll happily do it.

(And in large numbers too.) 



Marketing that feels good

Question Based Attraction Marketing liberates you from slimy, salesy or inauthentic marketing as a way to get customers. Your days of slick marketing tricks and tactics -- that make both you and your ideal customers feel bad -- are over! Instead, attract your customers with Question Based Attraction Marketing that feels good to you and to them.



They are the heart of your business.

Without them, you don't have a business.

You want to give them the best products and services you can.

Which means you need to know as much about them as you can find out.

Knowing all you can is not just for more targeted marketing, but to ensure their experience is the best it can be.

Question Based Attraction Marketing builds more long-term loyal customers through a regular dialogue with them and betters their experience with your business.


(This is so important, it's written twice.)


Through her straight-talking, curiosity-driven approach, Anita has taught coaches, consultants and service-based business owners that it's possible to build a very successful business by attracting your ideal customers without having to use slimy, salesy or manipulative marketing tactics.

Using the 3-step Ideal Customer Attraction System: ASK, MINE and SHOWCASE, Anita has inspired confidence in the minds of her customers where before there was doubt, frustration and worry.

She proves that, by attracting more of your ideal customers, you can have the business you've always desired – one that not only is successful but also brings joy, excitement and fulfillment to your life.

The 3-step Ideal Customer Attraction System is all it takes to build a life and business you love.

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